Thursday, August 30, 2007

We Love Mime!

Our editor at St. Martin's sent this error along.

Some background: Remember that O.J. Simpson book? The one called "If I Did It"?

It's going to be published after all, by the Goldman family, which owns the rights.

Denise Brown is apparently so mad, she's resorting to hand gestures and declining Oprah appearances:
"The Goldmans have retained a publisher who is rushing the book to market as we speak. And thus, has made the show a mute point for me." Brown also said, "I very much wanted to be on the show if I could have brought about a change for the positive but the Goldmans, Sharlene Martin the agent and Eric Kampmann the publisher, have made sure that could not happen."

Unless she's planning something with a mime, she should have said moot point.

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