Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We Had No Idea...

There is such a publication as "The Queen's English Society Journal." We will check it out. Meanwhile, here's an upcoming rant that will be published therein:

Academic takes stand against bad spelling

A BRITISH academic is publishing the spelling mistakes of his students to put pressure on education authorities to raise teaching standards.

Dr Bernard Lamb - a reader in genetics at Imperial College London - found the errors of his students resulted in them writing scientific nonsense.

In particular, undergraduates discussed cows inseminated by seamen, rouge genetic elements and plants sewn together.

Other common errors included writing compliment instead of complement, effect instead of affect and sun instead of son.

Faced with having to repeatedly correct students' mistakes he decided to compile a list of the blunders to demonstrate how bad the English of undergraduates really is.

The list - consisting of the mistakes of 75 second and third year students - will be published in the next issue of the Queen's English Society journal, Quest, under the title `Errors in the English of highly selected undergraduates'.

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