Thursday, August 09, 2007

She Drove Him to It

Lisa A. sent us this confusing bit from CNN:

Mom pleads not guilty to driving son, friends to kill teen

LONG BEACH, California (AP) -- A mother charged with driving her14-year-old son and six other juveniles to a skate park so they could attack another teenager pleaded not guilty Tuesday to murder.

Eva Daley is being held on $1 million bail.

Police said Eva Daley knew her son and the others planned to kill Jose Cano when she drove them to the park June 26. Cano, 13, died of stab wounds. Police said he had previously been involved in a dispute with the youths.

An angry confrontation between supporters of Daley, 30, and the slain boy broke out in the hallway outside the courtroom shortly after she entered her plea.
We don't want to make light of a sad situation, but this sure makes it sound as though the dead boy has come back to life for revenge.

Bad grammar can be a scary thing, people.

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