Monday, May 24, 2010

Then vs. Than

This comes from The Oatmeal. Enjoy!

Friday, May 21, 2010

One Little Letter

Then and than. So close, and yet they are not interchangeable. Use "then" when you're talking about something related to time. "Than" is what you use when you're comparing things.

For example: "Then she turned on the cassette player in her car and played More Than Words by her favorite early '90s hair band, Extreme."

Sara J. sent this real estate listing our way. After we got over how much house you can get for $129,000 in some parts of the country (we live where that wouldn't buy you a closet), we had to shake our head sadly at the ad promoting this home.

A Lesson in Antecedents

Pronouns can be so unclear sometimes. That's why this T-shirt is an essential part of a thoughtful writer's wardrobe. Buy it on Zazzle.

(SPOGG won't earn a penny from this. We just want people to remember to keep their antecedents--the stuff that comes before the pronouns--nice and clear. And by "stuff," we mean words, phrases, or clauses.)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We Will Not 'Yeild'!

Here's a bit of happy news from Nevada: 

SPARKS, Nev. -- Residents no longer have to shake their heads over two "Yeild to bikes" signs along a busy Nevada street.

Officials in Sparks say the misspelled signs were replaced after they were featured on MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" show on Thursday night.

The senior vice president of the construction company that is extending a boulevard in the city near Reno says a contractor didn't notice the misspelling of the word "yield."

Lance Semenko says it was an honest mistake.

It's not the first time misspelled words have turned up on signs and roadways in the Reno area.

In the past, roads in school zones have been painted with the words "scool" and "shcool."

Friday, May 14, 2010


Thanks to Samantha G. for the photo.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Gave Us Contractions

Here's a Facebook comment thread sent to us by our old friend, Sarah K.

Last names have been abbreviated to protect the innocent--and the guilty, even though he doesn't really deserve it. Enjoy!

Monica F.  I am far from stupid!!! I do not want to be treated as if I am stupid, not now, and not ever!
Yesterday at 9:08pm · Comment · Like

Joseph W  But youre female?
Yesterday at 9:12pm

Sarah K  you're
Yesterday at 9:19pm ·

Joseph W  Im lazy, sue me
Yesterday at 9:20pm

Sarah K  I'm
Yesterday at 9:21pm ·

Joseph W  Dont lecture me
Yesterday at 9:21pm

Sarah K  Don't
Yesterday at 9:22pm ·

Joseph W  Isnt this crazy?
Yesterday at 9:22pm

Sarah K  nope.
Yesterday at 9:23pm ·

Joseph W  Monica wouldnt appreciate us hijacking her thread, shh, shes stupid, so she cant read this.... Jk Monica!!!!! Anyone who works hard for her family isnt stupid.
Yesterday at 9:26pm

Megan O  I adore Sarah Kietzer. :-)
11 hours ago

Monica F  I adore Sarah as well :))) HEY I adore you too Megan :)))) and JOE's not too bad

Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Sign of the Apocalypse: Spring Fever Edition

Thanks to Alex in Wenatchee, Washington for sending along this sign. Either they're REALLY excited about a shipment of springs that's arrived, or this is an apostrophe catastrophe and they meant to say "spring's here."