Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Punctuation City, USA

We found this on the wires today:

Flashback 1986: Hamilton Adds ! To Name

In 1986, Hamilton City Council members voted to add a punctuation mark... specifically, an exclamation point, to the city's name.

The move brought the city national attention. The mayor did television and radio talk shows on both the East and West coasts. Editorials in papers like the Washington Post and the Atlanta Constitution made Hamilton a source of curiosity for towns across the country.

Hamilton is the only city in the United States to legally have an exclamation mark attached to its name. The name was not accepted by United States Board on Geographic Names.

Naturally, it got us thinking about other punctuation and typographic marks that might be used to name cities:

- * Las Vegas *
- $an Franci$co
- Newark?
- Houston (Leans to the right - get it? Nyuk nyuk)

Have ideas of your own? Send them along.

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