Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our Favorite Basketball Player

We always loved Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. When we were little and culturally insensitive, his name reminded us of some sort of delicious soup. Now that we know better than to admit such things, we love him for his enthusiasm for punctuation and grammar:

Here's how he's quoted in the Los Angeles Times:

"I loved school, loved UCLA," Abdul-Jabbar says. "I remember, in an English class taught by a Mr. Lindstrom, we were asked to do essays and he said he would read the best three to the entire class. He read the first two, then said he was going to read the best one, and it was mine.

"It was right then that I thought maybe I could do this, that maybe I had what it takes."He also played at UCLA for John Wooden, always more English teacher than coach."We'd sit on the bus and talk about when to use a colon and when a semicolon," Abdul-Jabbar says. "We'd argue the difference between "like" and "as if."

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