Monday, January 28, 2008

The Lasting Influence of Nirvana?

If you're a sushi eater, then the New York Times story about mercury-tainted tuna might have given you a bit of indigestion.

Leave it to Slate's Jack Shafer, the master contrarian of them all, to launch a harpoon through the story. There's just one thing... in the teaser text, "nevermind" is listed as one word:

The Times' Fishy Story

Nevermind that scaremongering story about mercury-tainted sushi.posted Jan 25, 2008
By Jack Shafer

Besides being a Nirvana album, "nevermind" is a regionalism that essentially means "attention." E.g., "Pay no nevermind to the blogma you read online...those people all think the same."

The rest of us write "never mind" as two words.

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