Monday, January 21, 2008


We did not know there was a Guinness World Record for longest grammar lesson. Nonetheless, we have no desire to break it. As much as we love grammar, we love sleeping and eating even more:

Mumbai: An English teacher from Mumbai has been awarded a Guinness Book of World Records' certificate for the Longest Grammar Teaching in the world when he taught grammar to the students continuously for 73 hours and 37 minutes.

Sanjay Kumar Sinha, known as 'Gramathon man', received the certificate last week for this feat, which he performed on October 20, 2005. A total of 59 students participated at the Bay City Club, Bandra for a continuous period of 73 hours and 37 minutes.

Along with him, the students who participated in the venture also got certificates for learning the subject for the longest lesson learnt.

"I got the certificate only last week. This is because there were 65000 claims to be assessed by the Guinness, and it takes a long time to get the final inclusion and a place into the Guinness," Sinha told PTI.

When he conducted the Gramathon a total of 72 students participated. However out of them 13 students were disqualified on the grounds of health, as keeping awake for 73 hours was not easy.

Their blood pressure and other health parameters were not satisfactory during the event. There was only 10 minutes break after eight hours of gruelling session. There was no break for lunch or dinner. All the participants could only consume light food while they were learning.

Still, what if we staged a National Grammar Day event with the most simultaneous lessons in grammar? Would there be a record in that?

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