Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Bit of Vulgar Latin

A headline on Slate misspells the Latin expression ad nauseam.
Change vs. Experience, ad Nauseum

While MSNBC shoved campaign narratives down my throat last night, I heard very little about the fabled change vs. experience debate. The story line that was all the rage in Iowa and the days after had suddenly evaporated from the collective consciousness of the punditry. For some reason, nobody thought to mention what Hillary Clinton's strong early returns might mean: that New Hampshire voters might have chosen experience over change....(more)
If one must misspell a pompous Latinism, we rather like this version. It calls to mind museum, and what would be more...interesting than a museum of nauseam? We're stepping now into the projectile wing; please put on your protective eyewear.

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