Monday, July 21, 2008

New Words on the Internets

Remember Chris Crocker, the extensively made-up guy who wept in defense of Britney Spears? (If you haven't seen the video, you can find it here. Be warned, though. His language is less pure than the driven snow.)

In any case, Chris Crocker is now on Facebook, where we just discovered an interesting new hyphenate: self-portraist.

See below:
Personal Information: "With over [sic] 116 Million video views [counting both Myspace and Youtube]- [sic] I am THE most watched [sic] video self-portraist on the internet [sic]."
Personal Interests: Britney
Self-portraist. Does this mean one who portrays himself? As opposed to an actor or actress playing a role? We would have used "person" in the same place. But maybe Chris Crocker is shooting for something more than being just a person. Should we leave...(sob)...Chris Crocker...(sob)...alone? Nah. We will let you know how he responds to a stern letter.

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