Monday, July 14, 2008

How Not to Be Annoying

Apparently e-mail is the No. 1 means of annoying your co-workers. Perhaps even more annoying than stealing lunch. "Action News" (a name we love almost as much as we'd love "Inaction News") reports on the many ways one can e-grate.

We couldn't help but notice this word of caution from an etiquette expert:
For Pamela Eyring, the owner and director of the Protocol School of Washington, correct grammar and punctuation--whether it's avoiding the all caps curse or using spell check--is essential.

"When you're doing e-mails, the first thing you have to remember is that your e-mails reflect you," Eyring says. "So that e-mail courtesy is just like writing someone a letter: [You need] correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.
While it isn't scientific proof that bad grammar is annoying to encounter at work, we'll take it. (Read more.)

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