Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Songs That Make Our Ears Bleed

Dear S.P.O.G.G.,

I would like to begin by thanking you for taking the initiative in creating this organization. My friends and I are thrilled.

I'm writing to tell you about an abomination of grammar that I have to listen to on the radio every day. My coworker likes to listen to the local rock station and they frequently play a song by the band System of a Down called "Lonely Day." The chorus is a goose bump-inducing "The most loneliest day of my life."

I've already written to the radio station but they continue to play it. I thought that that members of S.P.O.G.G. could commiserate.

Thank you,

We do commiserate. And this song came so close! We love the melody. We love the sad strumming of the guitar and the achy-breaky harmonies. We do NOT love the phrase "the most loneliest." Loneliest is a superlative. It doesn't get any lonelier, except perhaps when you are writing about the grammar of pop music in a cold, dark basement... (excuse us for a moment).

OK, we're back.

System of a Down will receive a letter from SPOGG shortly. Meanwhile, you can hear the song here.

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