Sunday, June 25, 2006

MSN and Unnecessary Quotation Marks

SPOGG is very happy for Keith Urban (and less so for Nicole Kidman, who is now joined in holy matrimony to a country singer who's swapped his cocaine addiction for one to Lady Clairol).

But SPOGG wags the long finger of shame at MSN, which called our attention to the marriage using unnecessary quotation marks. (Click the image to increase its size, if you can't read the offending punctuation.)

Extraneous quotation marks are the air-quotes of the printed punctuation world. Or, to compare them to something we all can understand, they're like legwarmers and high-riding, mesh trucker hats.

While wearing those, one might think, "I am pulling this off. I am jazzy!" But one, alas, would be mistaken.

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