Thursday, June 29, 2006

But We Are Unrepentant

Dear SPOGG: I do not prefer sentences that begin with conjunctions. You use several in your pages. Begin new sentences without the conjunction or join the two sentences into one. Please, revise your site pages.

I am glad to find your site. I have several peeves I should like to share with you.
Dear Peeves:

We don't "prefer" sentences that start with conjunctions, either. But we do like them just as well as the other kind, when used for a reason.

We'll let another excellent grammar site called gpuss do the talking:

"You must not start a sentence with a conjunction" has been the mantra of many an exasperated English teacher, especially since the oiks started getting state education. Any pupil brave, daft or naive enough to raise a hand and ask "Why?" would probably have received some Kafkaesque explanation along the lines of "Because it is said."

So now we're all grown up, we'll ask again – why? The honest answer is that there is no reason. It's just an arbitrary rule that's been passed through the ages. But all language is arbitrary, isn't it? Words and letters are but abstract concepts, the understanding of which can only come through the education of rules.
Visit gpuss for more...

And here's a shout-out to Sir Mix-a-Lot, who likes big "buts," and, we're certain, all the other conjunctions as well.

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