Friday, June 16, 2006

Basic grammar for Britney Spears

Correcting Britney Spears' grammar errors is a bit easy, like finding the seeds on a strawberry. (Hint: They're ALL OVER, and in no way obscured by pesky layers of fruit.)

Here's what she said about getting together with Kevin Federline, who was not quite single at the time:
"Actually, I didn't know...I didn't know until two months later...but I don't blame him because him and his friends tell me...they weren't together when he came to me...they were apart. That happened to Julia Roberts too, but it's more talked about with me. Her husband was married and had kids when they got together."
Because he and his friends, Britney. HE. You wouldn't say "him tells me," would you? Well, on second thought, maybe you would.

Also, we still don't get why you don't blame him and his friends. They lied. Please, in the name of good grammar and adult-length pants, dump the bum!

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