Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cast-Away Casting Couch

Does anyone else think this famous Hollywood producer's career ended due to his choice to hire a near-illiterate assistant? Errors in red:

Famous Hollywood Producer's Couch, Desk, and Office Furnature For Sale. All furnature must be gone by the end of the week. Set up an appointement to come by. (As opposed to an appointment to hit whoever wrote this over the head with a dictionary?)

Top Quality 2-piece Black Leather Couch and King Chair Set With Glass-top coffee table with Matching Side Table. Hardwood (snicker!) Executive Desk with Matching Runner Wood bookcase.

Sigh. Take a memo, assistant:

1) Dictionary. Use one.
2) Capital letters. If you must use them, be consistent. Capitalize every letter. Or, follow standard English and capitalize proper nouns and first words instead.
3) No one wants a used Hollywood couch. We know where they've been.

(From Craigslist via Defamer.com)

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