Monday, May 29, 2006

Seeing Daggers

We were researching feng shui and came across this disturbingly illiterate post:

Do some objects like ornamental knives, daggers, etc. actually create negative energy between a couple when presented with such things? I gifted my husband with a dagger 1 ½ yrs ago and we have been fighting all the time. So much so that we are actually separating now. Do u think the dagger had something to do with it or we are just not right for each other? The dagger is kept in our bedroom on a desk close to our bed.
This woman has, in our opinion, committed the unforgivable sin — not of giving a knife as a gift to a loved one, but rather, using "gifted" as a verb.


"Gave" works perfectly well as the past tense of give. It even takes fewer keystrokes to "give" than to "gift with," something we know our writer is concerned with. She did, after all, type "u" instead of "you."

We suspect if this woman took care with her language, her husband would be much less prone to "gifting" her with a good stabbing in the kisser.

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