Friday, May 12, 2006

e "too," MSNBC?

The MSNBC copyeditor could have done a little more Nip/Tuck to this entry. We're not even going to comment on the overstuffed paragraph, and instead will point out their use of the incorrect too:

Saddle up with Sally: When Nick described himself too hooker Sally ("Nip/Tuck's" Kelly Carlson) by saying, "I have a little Tom Cruise thing going," it was hard not to giggle. He's much better looking than that. Nick also used the name Dirk Diggler ("Boogie Nights" reference). Willie Cutler hired Sally back when he thought he was getting the big promotion and ended up blowing the wad from his “Walmart pants” at the casino. Cutler, who worked at a travel agency, offered Sally a deal on a trip to Hawaii. Even though she said she'd never go with Cutler, she told Nick, "I’d let you take me to Hawaii." "I'm working," he replied. "So am I," she said. It seems like a new woman flirts with Nick in every episode.

Lest we think this is a typo, this error appears on the same page:

Oh, those crazy married people: Grissom wasn't too surprised to stumble onto a murder scene that possibly involved a husband and wife. "You married people take things to personally," he told Robbins and Warrick. Al later asked Grissom if he'd ever come close to getting married. "Her name was Nicole Daily," Grissom said. He added that she liked bugs, too. And that he gave her his grandmother's ring, which she made him get back. "Seventh grade," Grissom said. Grissom's other great moment tonight came with Wendy, when she asked him what else he kept in his refrigerator "Bottle of tequila, severed head?” He replied, "I don’t keep tequila.”

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