Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fugly Grammar?

We love Go Fug Yourself, and wish to set their minds at ease about grammar. Today, they write:

"This photo reminds me of a box my parents re-use every Christmas: white cardboard, decorated on the sites, emblazoned on the front with colorful, huge letters that say, "DOES NOT CONTAIN WHAT YOU HAD HINTED FOR."

[Amazingly, never once in the 20-odd years we've used that box has it borne the frustrated red pen scars of a quick but vicious grammatical edit from My Mother The English Major.]"

Dear Fugsters,

It's OK to end sentences with prepositions. The rule against that came from people who wanted to make English more like Latin. That's like bedazzling jeans so they're more like evening dresses. Who needs that?

Some sentences that end in prepositions are ugly, though. "Where's he at?" is one of them. Again, to make a sartorial reference, that "at" is like a belt-and-suspenders combo. It's unnecessary, and looks stupid, too. "Where is he?" works just fine.


P.S. The Emme fashion show was Fashion Emergency. We loved it, too.

don't do this!

(don't do this!)

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