Friday, December 17, 2010

Tales from the Casting Ouch

The latest, from our Genuine Hollywood ActressTM friend, excerpted from actual casting calls:
A recent casting call informed me that the director was "norweigien."

Apparently, dancers are encouraged to choreograph pieces "on there own"
Where is that, then?
This just in: "The dead persons must act dead!"

"Looking for a slightly hippy girl." 
Methinks you meant a hippie, not an applebottom.

"She here's a truck outside."
Homonyms and apostrophes are crying.


Barry Leiba said...

«"She here's a truck outside."»

It seems to me that this is looking for a very large actress, and what it's really missing are commas:

«"She, here, is a truck outside."»

English Advantage said...

Hippy is a pretty widely accepted variant of hippie.

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Oh, but English Advantage, why would you use a variant that means something else when the traditional spelling is clear?