Thursday, November 15, 2007

Whom Shall We Blame?

The Seattle Times today is reporting on the case of the "Hoody [sic] Bandit."
A man nicknamed the "Hoody Bandit" for his propensity of wearing hooded sweat shirts and masks while committing robberies in King and Snohomish counties
struck again Wednesday, police said.
It's HOODIE. That's an IE, not a Y, on the end. Check the Oxford English Dictionary, which lists:

hoodie, n. A hooded sweatshirt, fleece, or other garment.

1990 R. DOYLE Snapper (1993) 130 They heard cloth ripping.You're after ripping me hoodie. 1994 i-D Oct. 86/2 Those with bumpy areas...can look forward to lurking fascinatingly beneath one of his striped velour hoodies. 2005 Daily Tel. (Nexis) 12 July 22 Members of this demographic wear the dodginess of their surroundings as a badge of honour on their Marks & Spencer hoodies.

There is, of course, hoody. It's a type of crow--which someone should be eating for giving a criminal a misspelled name. That's enough to give a robber a complex.

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