Thursday, November 01, 2007

Semicolons: Why All the Hate?

We all do regrettable things when we're young, and in school. Patricia Bobek, however, might never live this one down:

Semicolons Sever the Spirit of a Sentence
Patricia Bobek / Columnist

Semicolons: What an absolute waste of punctuation. Who really uses the semicolon anymore? You do? Really? Well then: You are a square.

Talk about being something it’s not. Semicolons, you are not a colon: You do not introduce the logical consequence to the fact stated before or introduce a description. You are like the Donald Trump in a world full of people with hair. Just because you comb that little bit of hair forward, semicolon, doesn’t mean one day you will be caught in a disastrous wind and it won’t blow right off. Global warming is watching and waiting for you, semicolon. The jig is up.

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