Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How NOT to pick up an editor

Out Magazine has a new editor, and readers are impressed. Unfortunately, they're not likely to impress the editor with their grammar. Thanks to Gawker for culling these comments.

We've taken the liberty to hand Out a few corrections:

1. “I am pleased to have him as the new editor in chief; he is also sexy.” (Properly used semicolons are sexy, too.)
2. “I hope [that] you will enjoy OUT magazine. […] P.S. You're also very cute[, too].”
3. “Hello. Please show men with [a] nice hair on the chest. Thanks.” (Just one hair on the chest? Really?)
4. “Best of luck! You have great credentials, along with looks.” (While not technically incorrect, this has all the elegance of a Tupperware lunchbox. The comma improves it somewhat.)
5. “I welcome you to OUT, and if you ever want to go for a roll in the sack, that could be arranged! WOW! You should be the next Hot Guy of the Day!” (We believe it's a roll in the hay; one hops in the sack. In any case, the author of this lacks comma sense, to be sure.)

And speaking of Comma Sense, here's the next book we're buying:

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