Sunday, April 23, 2006

The ad was bad -- it was very, very bad

SPOGG regrets the tiny size of this ad; you might have to click on the graphic to see the errors in their full glory.

In any case, here is the text:

movie's NETFLIX. Only $9.99 a month. Over 60,000 titles, no late fees, free trial!

People, this is from a paid ad on MSN Search, and it was their "suggested search" of the day. Which makes us wonder...

When you're paying for your ad to run on one of the world's largest Web sites, and when you're the editor choosing which search to feature, wouldn't it behoove you to:

1) avoid apostrophe catastrophes;
2) follow the more than/fewer than rule; and
3) manage not to make the entire thing a run-on sentence?

Allow us:

NETFLIX: Only $9.99 a month, with more than 60,000 movies and no late fees. Try it for free!

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