Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Mug Shot We Love

Marcia J. sent along this little beauty: a photo of the foam on her latte featuring SPOGG's punctuation action figure. 

We love it! While it's not quite the commitment that the world's first SPOGG tattoo required, we'll drink to it nonetheless.

If you'd like your very own SPOGG mug, visit our shop. Please forgive us the spelling of "stationery," though. We have no control over that.

And if you're a writer, you must check out Marcia's blog post about branding. We confess that we did not think of our efforts as such--really, it was all about having fun--we are glad they've made the right impression on someone so savvy and articulate.


Marcia said...


The moment I saw this mug years ago, I ordered a bunch for my tech-writer cohorts.

Thanks for your kind words and the pointer to my blog post about branding--specifically, branding for writers. It's my favorite, and most visited, post so far.

Can't wait to read your [sic] book.


Marcia said...

P.S. Cheryl, I hope you're reading this. Now the SPOGG fans all know what everyone in your building already knows: baristas don't get any more creative than you.

T2 said...

I am worried that you think the spelling of 'stationery' is incorrect. Were you joking?

Martha Brockenbrough said...

T2, you're reasonable to be concerned. We're just glad they've corrected the spelling. It was "stationary" when we posted that. We used the quotes around "stationery" to indicate we were talking about it as the word, not the object. SPOGG doesn't believe in using quotes for emphasis or sarcasm.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if Minnesota's Governor Mark Dayton is a fan of National Grammar Day. Regardless, he choose to sign an executive order today ordering those in government to use plain language that will provide Minnesotans better service by reducing confusion, saving time and improving customer relations.
Diana Pierce, KARE TV

Unknown said...

It might be possible that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is a fan of National Grammar Day.

Unknown said...

He CHOSE. See above.