Thursday, August 11, 2011

Don't Drink and Dress

Look, we'd drink margaritas every day if we could. They're delicious! So tangy and salty!

But, just as we love our liver, we would never use the apostrophe to make a plural, nor would we spell everyday as one word, unless we were saying something to the effect of "Margarita is ordinary."

Thanks to Alan H. for the photo.


GenKnit said...

Maybe it's her name, and that's what her everyday price is! (or is that too racy to post here?!)


Andygirl said...

Extra apostrophes make me insane. Not only are they incorrect, but they're extra work. I don't understand. If people were leaving apostrophes off of possessive words, I'd almost understand, because it's lazy. But adding them? Are you kidding me?