Saturday, October 04, 2008

And Then We'll Torah Across Canada!

Craig Conley sends this curious construction our way. It's the first time we've seen "Bible" used as a verb. No less interesting is the story behind the tricked-out bus. A Bible publisher is traveling across the country to get a handwritten version of the good book. His reason:
"The Bible is America's favorite book of all time. And because of its accuracy, clarity and literary quality, the NIV has become the most successful Bible translation of all time," said Moe Girkins, president and CEO of Zondervan, in a released statement. "We believe that a completely handwritten version of the NIV Bible by people from all across our country will help America rediscover the Bible in a fresh, new way."
We would really like to see that. We can just imagine the part handwritten by the drill team, complete with heart-dotted Is. The portion written by a team of doctors will be completely illegible. The section completed by a kindergarten class, meanwhile, will contain phonetic spelling and pictures (we really hope they get the Book of Revelation).

Or course, if this company really wanted to be fresh and of-the-moment, it would have a Bible in txtspk. Fr dst thou Rt, and 2 dst thou shll rtrn.

In any case, we wish them well as they Bible in their "luxury" motorhome donated by a company called Spartan Motors. The world is a strange place, indeed.

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