Saturday, September 06, 2008

Editors Not Invited?

Karen S. sent this along a few weeks back. It's an announcement for a new company run by the brother of Will Smith, the famous actor.

TREYBALL OFFICIALLY LAUNCH'S [sic] LIFESTYLE HOMES DIVISION Treyball Development's President & CEO, Harry Smith [SIC -- missing comma] announced the launch the Lifestyles Homes Division. Details of a formal launch party will be announced shortly for a handful of invited guests, VIP's [sic], and staff. To learn more about the new division and it's [sic] launch EMAIL TREYBALL.

For more, click here.

If you're going to announce a luxury "lifestyle" division, in which your motto is "luxury is not a privilege, [sic] it is a necessity of life," then you ought to just go ahead and splurge on an editor. Would you trust someone to build your home if his company can't even build a simple sentence? We think not.

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