Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Tales from the Casting Couch

Here's the latest in our regular feature of embarrassingly bad and 100-percent genuine casting calls sent to us by a Hollywood actress we know and adore.

This month's theme is role-playing. What are directors seeking?

  • An attractive heroin.
  • A heart braking soft hero.
  • Leading bably beutifull girl star with good eyes.
  • Oh, and don't forget:
  • please only submitt if your that flaVOR. dont waste yours or our time.


Andygirl said...

I'm not even sure what they meant to say in that last one. Bad sign, methinks.

Anonymous said...

It is entirely possible that my heart would put on the brakes if faced with a soft hero. Fabio does it for me, every time.

And really, who wants ugly heroin? It's much better to have the pretty drapes and comfortable pillows.

ChildsPlay said...

"bably beutifull"?!?