Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Bachelor's Degree in Bad Writing

Karen sends this in, somewhat sheepishly:

First, I'm embarrassed that I clicked on the story about The Bachelor's "most shocking rose ceremony ever," but I did, and then I hit this:

Fast forward six weeks later to the After the Rose special, and Mesnick admits that the "chemistry is completely different," with he and Rycroft [we'd use a comma here, too] and [he] dumps her. Then, he asks initial reject Malaney out [we'd put the "out" after the "at"] and she accepts.

At a minimum, this should read "with him and Rycroft."

Is this just our own pet peeve, or does anyone else hate it when the term "chemistry" appears in connection with romance? We studied chemistry in high school. It was completely unromantic, often smelly, and occasionally led to fingertip burns. Let's come up with a new cliche after National Grammar Day, okay?

And Karen, you should never be embarrassed about enjoying pop culture. It's such a delicious diversion--and even more, a rich source of bad grammar for those of us who track such things.

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