Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We're Thinking He Missed Some Punctuation

We've watched this clip a couple of times now and do not believe this Dana person is taking the day off because he was murdered and set ablaze while celebrating his birthday.

Rather, we think Dana is taking the day off, and the subject of an entirely separate news report had the worst birthday ever. We can't see the teleprompter, but we bet there's a missing bit of punctuation--or even paragraph break--that would have made this a bit clearer. In any event, yikes!

Thanks to Peter W. for the video.


Barry Leiba said...

We think he skipped a whole line on the teleprompter, or a few.

"He" being Ken Bastida. Not Dana. And definitely not the guy who was murdered.

Barry Leiba said...

We also can't help thinking that this is part of the reason Dana is the regular anchor, and Ken remains the backup.