Friday, March 14, 2008

Too Many Errors

Rachel J. found this treasure on Courtney Love's blog:

"God people are batshit. And im not the one who is. and i hear now i am "Bi Polar" uhhhh...thats more nuts than I will ever be. I may be Eccentric, i certainly speak my mind and am slow to put out a record i need to mean the world to ME, and im sur ei am quite Nuerotic but "Bi Polar" . Thats just slander.I shoot straight from the hip and spellcheck has NOTHING to do with REALITY."

While we can neither affirm nor deny spellcheck's relationship with reality, we would like to use this graphic from SPOGG member Amanda D. It's a screenshot of a message her spellchecker gave her while she was working on a complex 250-page document. It captures the reality of Courtney Love's blog messages with more insight than we thought software could possess.

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