Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Bad Way to Fix the Global Population Problem

Linda L. sends this in about the horrible crane tragedy in New York. It comes from CBS news:

"We've had partial building collapses; we've had fires in buildings," said Stringer, "we've had cranes pummeling down shafts in buildings; we've had loss of life injuries [loss-of-life or fatal would have been better]. This incident is just the latest example of needless people dieing because we do not have proper safety protocols in this city."

First, the people aren't "needless." We're sure their families considered them quite necessary. Dying "needlessly" would have been the way to say this.

Second, it's dying. Not dieing. And certainly not dyeing (though that is the fate of a dozen eggs sitting in our refrigerator). "Dieing" isn't even a word, though we suppose it could be "verbed" to mean "using dice."

In any case, we sincerely hope crane operators are more diligent about their inspections; otherwise construction in crowded urban environments really will be a matter of "dieing."

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