Saturday, March 22, 2008

Putting the High in Hyphen

Catherine G. sends this from her Altlanta TV station. It's about the man who was once engaged to the "runaway bride":

John Mason, the man who was once engaged to runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, has gotten married -- to another woman.

His father, Claude Mason, tells People magazine that John Mason married Shelley Martin in a quiet ceremony Saturday in Duluth.

Claude Mason, who serves as an associate municipal judge and officiated the ceremony, says the family was very happy for John Mason.

John Mason currently works as the general manager of a family medical facility in Duluth. His new bride, Martin, works in pharmaceutical sales.

Claude Mason says the two met through Martin's cousin, who was a high school classmate of John Mason's.

Now it's true that a good percentage of high-school students take drugs. But they should only be called high school students, without the hyphen, if we know for sure they're stoned. For all we know, though, that is a good state to be in when you're fixing up a man who had a really bad first-wedding experience.

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