Monday, March 24, 2008

How Unbarrassing!

The Kitsap Sun carries this bit about a 14-year-old who perhaps could have paid better attention in class:

A 14-year-old boy admitted on Friday to harassing a neighbor, pilfering cigarette butts from her porch and leaving poorly written notes she considered threatening.

... The neighbor ... showed three recent notes to the officer. Once read: "don't cope an atitod with me." Presumably, the note intended to read "Don't cop an attitude with me."

When interviewed by the officer in front of his mother, the boy admitted to leaving the notes.

Even with perfect spelling, the boy would have looked like a jerk. Is it worse, though, to look like a dumb jerk? Probably—and not just for the boy. A kid who reaches the age of 14 and hasn't learned to respect the neighbor is a sad case. One who reaches that age and hasn't learned to spell, either, is a kid who isn't interested in the bigger lessons.

And that's just sad. At least he admitted his crime, though. That means there's hope for him.

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