Monday, March 03, 2008

Blogs We Love

Grammar and Language Blogs

The blogs you see below are the real stars of National Grammar Day. Please visit them, and if you like what you see, bookmark them, or subscribe to their feeds. Enjoy!

About Grammar and Composition
Richard Nordquist is your guide to all things grammatical on He's a professor and the author of several guides for writers.

Bill Walsh: Blogslot
Bill Walsh is a copy editor at the Washington Post. He's also the author of Lapsing into a Comma and The Elephants of Style, two books every word-lover must own. His main site is called
The Slot

Blue Pencil Editing
Editor and freelance writer Lauren Holder has a blog full of useful information and resources for editors—and people who need one.

Celebrity English
For people who like a bit of glamour with their grammar. Learn how not to speak from the sharp-eyed Dana, who keeps this blog.

Cheryl Norman: Grammar Cop
This arresting blog is for all law-abiding language lovers.

Common Sense Journalism
Journalism instructor Doug Fisher has a wonderful blog for journalists and people interested in the media; he also offers up nuggets about style that serious writers will enjoy.

Copyediting Corner
Mike Billings blogs mostly about copy editing for newspapers, but he also covers word and grammar usage in delightfully clear fashion

Grammarblog: Smug is Good
This blog is fierce. It recommends stringing offender's (oops—offenders) by their gonads. It's all in good fun, though.

Grammar Girl
Oprah's favorite grammarian answers questions in a clear and lively way, and offers a popular podcast as well as an e-book and forthcoming printed guide.

Grammar Police
Patricia Harrelson and Keiti Pierce are the grammar police, and while they won't actually arrest you, you will find their blog to be an arresting blend of humor and education. Just don't send them...emails. That word is a pet peeve over at the cop shop.

Mighty Red Pen
This blog, developed by a professional writer and editor, is a treasure trove of amusing errors.

Newsroom 101
Learn how journalists write at Newsroom 101, which has 1,650 or so free exercises in Associated Press Style, which governs most newspapers.

One Step Forward
A writer and budding novelist blogs about grammar.

Pam Nelson's Triangle Grammar Guide
Pam Nelson will celebrate her birthday on National Grammar Day, so we are pleased to feature her online grammar class, which she gives at the Web site of the News & Observer, a North Carolina newspaper.

Sharon Eliza Nichols: Thank You Ma'am
The 246,000 members of her Facebook Group (I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar) can't be wrong.

The Editor's Desk
Andy Bechtel teaches writing and journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill. He's especially interested in the meaning of words, and how they can be most ethically used in news reporting.

A Way with Words
This public radio show, featuring Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett, is a treat for people who love language--and have a grammar pet peeve or two.

Words at Work
Pam Robinson examines language issues with language and the media.

You Don't Say
John McIntyre keeps this blog at the Baltimore Sun, where he works as assistant managing editor. He focuses on grammar in print, and officially doesn't care about misspellings and other errors in e-mail, speech, or on restaurant menus. Write to him without fear!

Blogs by Parents and Teachers

Did You See That?
The CPA mom reviews books, products, Web sites and whatever else catches her eye.

5th Grade Reads
A fifth grade teacher reviews literature here.

Day by Day Discoveries
A Christian mom and atheist dad agree on one thing: homeschooling their kids. This is their blog.

Joanne Jacobs
Freelance writer and former columnist Joanne Jacobs writes about education here.

Superdumb Supervillain, SassyFrazz and Fifth of Six
Stay-at-home moms blog about life with kids.

Are We Doing Anything Today?
A teacher blogs about life in the classroom.

Bud the Teacher
Bud Hunt is an instructional technologist in Colorado. He blogs here about better teaching.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog
A blog about how new technology can help in the classroom.

High Techpectations
More creative ways to use technology in the classroom.

Ideas and Thoughts from an Ed Tech
About engaging students in their learning.

InfoCult: Information, Culture, Policy, Education
The culture, history, and role of information in learning.

Mom is Teaching
A homeschooling mom on how she does it.

Teachers Teaching Teachers
A weekly Webcast on life in the classroom, by four different teachers.

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