Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If a Goat Had My Bagels

... I'd hunt him down, too:
Woman seeks lost pet goat with bagels

BENSALEM, Pa. -- A Bensalem woman has been walking around in the snow with a bucket of bagels and goat feed trying to locate her lost pet Buckwheat. Iris Star said Buckwheat apparently worked her way through a metal cattle fence on Saturday and wandered off from the three-acre property where she has lived for 10 years.

Police have been getting reports of the goat ramming front doors with its 6-inch horns and leaving messes in driveways in the area.

During Tuesday's snow, Star took her bucket to Lower Southampton Township, the area of the latest sightings.

Star said Buckwheat is like a pet and is just seeking companionship and warmth.
Alas, this headline should have said "Woman with bagels seeks lost pet goat." Those darned modifiers. So tricky.

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