Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Throw Me a Bone

On a lark, we decided to see how many citations for "throwed" we could find with Google. The answer? 415,000. Many of these seem to be rap-music lyrics, which occupy their own category of probably excusable idiocy.

But this?

Stu did something he never had to do before: He recorded a mechanic's lien and gave a stop notice to the construction lender. Stu started getting legal bills monthly and paying out big money. He sued. Nick countersued. It was a race to the courthouse! Winning this lawsuit had become the most important thing in Stu's life. He'd been throwed off a job! No matter what the cost, he had to prove it was not his fault, and he had to prove it in court.
It comes from a Web site for lawyers who serve the construction industry. The correct form is "thrown," and we'd be mighty skeptical of any lawyer who didn't have this commonplace irregular verb in his or her vocabulary.

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