Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All Give and No Took

Ordinarily, we don't make fun of blog posts, especially ones written by minors. This, however, comes from a post on SportingNews.com to a member blog that's been viewed nearly 300,000 times. That's not a small number of readers. The writing is comically bad, though it can be enjoyed by a novelist trying to capture the diction of a sincere but illiterate teen.

There's no way to bold-face all the errors, so we're focusing on the word "tooken," which brought us here:

To my point of this whole blog entry is, your life can be gone in a flash. Your dreams, your love, your likes, and your life can all be tooken away in one little wrong move. I was lucky a couple times to not have my life tooken away by a motorist when one ran a red light and I was on my scooter going across the street when I was eleven and was litterally knocked down by the wind of the criminal.

The wind of the criminal, eh? Our dog emits that every so often, and we are forced to light a candle. We'll do the same for this young writer.

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