Friday, April 27, 2007

A Question About Spelling

We just came across an ad in a home-porn--we mean decorating--magazine for the very same type of bed inhabited by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (though not necessarily at the same time).

This bed retails for as much as $59,750 (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes not included).

The ad claims people pay would pay this much for a mattress "If they knew that it takes weeks for the most skilful craftsmen of the company to build just one..."

SPOGG believes that for $60,000, customers are entitled to all three ls that should appear in skillful. SPOGG also believes that in American magazines, standard U.S. spellings should be used. Apparently "skilful" is an acceptable spelling in Canada and England.

Is SPOGG losing sleep over nothing? Or are we due for a new matres? Oops. We meant mattress.

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