Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hyphen-ventilating for Truth

After giving the matter some careful thought, SPOGG has come to a conclusion regarding the furor over John Kerry's service in Vietnam.

In this debate, which focuses on whether he was a hero or a fraud, something very important has been lost.

Some might say it's perspective. Others might say what has been lost is a more important focus on issues facing the nation right now.

But we at SPOGG say something else. We say the hyphen has been lost, and it's a travesty.

It should be Swift-Boat Veterans for Truth, or -- depending on one's perspective -- Swift-Boat Veterans for Kerry.

This is because the veterans were not swift; their boats were. When two words come together to modify a noun, they are married by a hyphen.

We feel strongly enough about this that we are writing to the Swift-Boat Veterans to demand they restore the hyphen to the debate. Is it no less important, after all, than the "truth"?

Thus, we have sent the Swift-Boat Veterans this letter.

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