Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Sign of the Apocalypse: Workin' Hard for It Edition

The Progreso "Shcool" Board: They're working for our children, but not very well. [Corrected after sharp-eyed Steph hunted down the real way "Progreso" spells the school's name.]

Or, the school board that puts "cool" in school! Unfortunately, it doesn't belong there.

Thanks to Mike Clark for the photo.


Steph M. said... spelled their name in the copy comment with the double "s" - but the sign only has one...think they've double-dipped here with TWO misspellings for one? Working hard for the kids indeed...

Steph M. said...

Ok after checking, why am I somewhat disappointed to find that Progreso really is spelled with one "s"?

Mommer said...

I am bothered by the extraneous dots (or tittles, if I'm going to get technical about it) on the capital I's. (Or Is, or i's, or "i"'s, however you write that.)

Sharon Kirk Clifton said...

All of the above.

Write on! (carefulee)