Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LOL Cats Make Bumperstickers?

A few months back, those wacky LOLCats -- with their bad grammar and adorable expressions -- started making the rounds on the Internet.

Get a load of this funny, funny feline!

I can has cheezburger! Hiliariously ungrammatical! Either that, or deeply insulting to housepets, who we suspect have outstanding verbal skills, and could probably spell, too, if only they could hold pencils in their thumbless paws.

We do have a point in posting this, however.

While walking the dog this morning, our husband came across the following bumper sticker:

Love us, not eat us? Have these people no respect for animals? Do they really want to make them sound like idiots?

It should be "Love us; don't eat us." Or, "Love us -- don't eat us." Or, "It's 'love us,' not 'eat us'."

Bad animal-rights activists! Bad! No, you cannot has cheezburger! (Even if we are sympathetic to your point of view.)

Meanwhile, our meat-eating husband insists we include this video as a response to your lousy bumper sticker:

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