Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Re.:. Friendship

We received an e-mail yesterday with this same, oddly punctuated subject line. The message itself, from "Pam," said this:

Do bnot ignore mea please, I found your email sobmeawhere and noaw decided to
writbe you.I am coming to your place in few weeks and thought we can meet
each other. Let me know if ayou do not mind.I am a nice pretty girl. Don't
reply to tabhis email. Emaail me direclty at

Dear Pam,

It wouldn't matter to us if you were the nicest, prettiest girl in the whole, wide world. We don't want to hang out with someone who spells as badly as you do. Also, from your excessive use of the letter b, we can only conclude you have a cold, and we certainly do not wish to infect ourselves.

Love and kisses anyway,

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