Saturday, April 05, 2008

To Market to Market...

Do you think the people at Bloomberg are riding Segway scooters to the U.S. market? Or did the editors mean "segue"?

Also, where in the world is Jaguar-Land? We're sort of scared to go there, even on a Segway. Of course, an en-dash instead of a hyphen would indicate it's a deal between Jaguar and Land Rover, but that's a decidedly less interesting proposition.

A hyphen is the narrow one, an en-dash is as wide as the capital N, and an em-dash is as wide as a capital M. Use en-dashes for date ranges and the like. Em-dashes separate chunks of sentences—like this.

- hyphen
– (— gives you an en-dash)
— (— gives you an em-dash) (thanks to the dashing Barry L. for assistance with the code)

Thanks to Craig Conley for the screenshot.

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