Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Attention to "Derail"

We read this funny story about job applicants in Australia who can't spell to save their lives. Some even misspell the word "error."
Job seekers' spelling shockers
April 20, 2008 12:30am

THE alarming extent of Australia's literacy crisis has been revealed by job seekers who apply for a "roll" as a "manger" on covering letters that end with "C U later".

Some job seekers cannot even spell the word "error" correctly, the Sunday Mail has discovered.

Business and language experts say the stunning examples of poor spelling and grammar are indicative of a literary "laziness" that has become a "malaise" in society.
Experts have blamed a lack of classroom discipline for the crisis, with too many school leavers not equipped with basic English skills such as spelling. [SCHOOL LEAVERS? WE LOVE AUSTRALIAN IDIOMS.]

Adelaide recruitment firm Mps People Solutions discovered a host of horror spelling blunders in a study of thousands of job applications.

Poor spelling, incorrect use of apostrophes and mixing of Australian and American spelling were the most common errors found in applications, Mps operations manager Robert Godden said.


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