Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bad Monkey

We saw the headline and naturally had to read the story that accompanied it:
Diaper-clad monkey escapes Fla. home

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A diaper-clad monkey who escaped from his Orlando home is in the custody of animal control. Orlando Police said the monkey escaped through a window Friday and was sitting on top of a wall near a condo building.

When passerby's tried to catch the monkey, he charged at them, forcing them to retreat to the street into oncoming traffic.

Authorities used a banana to lure the monkey into a cage where he was then taken to Orange County Animal Control.

Authorities were not able to locate the animal's owners.
Sorry, but the plural of passer-by is not passerby's. It's passers-by. Let this be a lesson to all you passers-by. Do not attempt to capture escaped monkeys in diapers, unless you have a banana. Anything else will be...fruitless.

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