Friday, September 05, 2008

We're Not Sure, Either

The Write Stuff sent us a link to an article about "America's Next Top Model" that is stuffed with spelling errors. Here's our favorite:
Clark’s topic is bearocracy, and shockingly, she doesn’t know what that is! Really, I’m shocked! She asks McKey what it is, and when McKey says she won’t tell her, Clark can’t understand why. Excuse me competitive queen of the world! She has a difficult time during her photo shoot. Jay calls her a “very pretty plastic Barbie,” meaning she never changed her face.
We don't know what bearocracy is, either. Is it:
- a government run by the mortal enemies of Goldilocks?
- a government run by hairy men who like to dress in leather?
- something else entirely?

Here's the rest of the story. Tyra Banks will stab the author with a sharpened mascara wand if she reads it and sees how her name is misspelled. We'd sort of like to watch.

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