Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Short Story

Xavier D. sends this unfortunate posting from Craigslist:

inspiring model - i have questions (anywhere)
Reply to: [deleted] Date: 2008-09-27, 9:11PM PDT
I am 16, and I am 4'11''. I am very passionate about modeling. However, there are not many places looking for short girls. I was wondering if there are some certain places that deal more with my type of look. I have a proportionate, petite body. But I just need some help! It seems that anyone in search for a model, is looking for someone over 5'7''.

She means aspiring, of course. We're sure, though, that the inspirational story of a tiny teen with towering dreams will be the next reality-show craze. Don't let anyone steal your dreams, you miniature models and knee-high NBA hopefuls!

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