Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They Had Us At Menopause

Oh, it's just a small thing, really -- that extra apostrophe in "its." But we'd like the record to reflect that our brains are functioning well enough that we recognized that errant bit of punctuation.

Confidential to the people who write these ads: the liberal use of bold text, enlarged text, italics, and bold italics, along with an exclamation point, does not make the study sound any more appealing. We're middle aged, not moronic. 

Thanks to Linnea D. for sending the image along.


ChildsPlay said...

Why would being right-handed make a difference?

Barry Leiba said...

Because it works through dexterity, and always fails on sinister people. Of course.

C. Allyn Pierson said...

Barry, don't forget gauche people (French for left).

Anyway, I would also like to add that they say this is sponsored by the National Institute of Health indicating that either the writer/editor of this ad is a moron (which we already know), or that they are trying to deceive us. The government run health service is the National Institutes of Health (there are multiple institutes making up the whole). The NIH is the organization which is paying my son's way through medical school, so I am quite familiar with(and feel great affection for)them.

On the other hand, I went to Johns Hopkins Medical School, so I am inordinately "s" conscious.

GenKnit said...

It may require right-handed people because (as we all know) left-handers are the only folks in their right minds!

Post written on a keypad which requires no handedness, by a southpaw. ^_^